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Accountable Creative Time, A.C.T., is about reserving a space for you and creativity in your week. This concept was created by Jill Badonsky, creator of Kaizen-Muse Coaching (kaizenmuse.com)as a tool to support those who wish to use their creativity or begin a project or get one completed. I have received so much value out of participating in Jill’s offerings that it has inspired my desire to offer this opportunity as well, adding an even larger ripple effect to supporting others’ creativity.

A.C.T. is setting aside an hour of time to honor your creativity, to isolate from all media and responsibilities and open yourself to personal inspiration. Anyone who is interested calls into a teleconference number that is given to you when you register. The call begins with a brief creative warm-up together and then each person journeys into their own use of that hour off the phone. At the top of the hour everyone calls back to reconnect with how the experience was for anyone who wishes to briefly share. We meet weekly and it’s up to you when you join us or not once you are registered. It’s an experience that needs to be felt personally to capture the simple value of it. Could you use support to finish a project or begin one? Interested in stepping into your creativity more than you do? I invite you to join us on a tele-conference call facilitated by me, Pamela Dakota Gold, Kaizen-Muse Creativity  and ARTbundance Coach. Try it out and see how much it enhances your creative engagement or support with projects. We meet Thursdays at 9:30 AM, Pacific Time, 10:30 AM Mountain Time, 11:30 AM Central Time and 12:30 PM Eastern Time every week. For registration, email: inspire@artsfortheheart.com or call 520.906.7542. This is a complimentary free service.

Accountable Creative Time

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