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Pamela Dakota Gold, MA, LISAC, REAT, KMCC created Arts for the Heart Center in 1995 which specialized in using the arts to enable self-expression and to co-create clarity and solutions, honor lives, and build community in diverse settings. Pamela Dakota earned her BA in Education in 1977 from the University of Cincinnati. Upon receiving her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy in 1982 from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA she has pioneered using the transformative power of creativity through the arts in treatment facilities, schools, conferences, workshops, community events and private practice. As a Nationally Registered Expressive Arts Therapist she has specialized in integrating expressive arts therapy in the addictions field and is also an AZ State Licensed Addictions Counselor. She recently completed 20 yrs at Cottonwood de Tucson Treatment Center integrating the use of the creative process as a treatment modality for the recovery of addictions and behavioral health disorders. She is presently offering creative opportunities through Arts For The Heart along with her creative life coaching practice. In addition, Pamela Dakota is a Playback Theatre Practitioner/Artist and is known as the founder and creative director of the past Tucson Playback Theatre Troupe. Her theatre company offered performances in Southern Arizona from 1996-2006. This original form of improvisational theatre is created through a unique collaboration between performer and audience that honors people’s personal stories. Her company performed community performances for Tucson, and performances for schools, agencies, treatment centers, health centers, refugees, Native Americans, local and international conferences and private celebrations.



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She has also been a faculty member of the International School for Interdisciplinary Studies Southwest Expressive Arts Therapy Training Institute affiliated with the European Graduate School in Switzerland. In addition, Pamela Dakota has taught visual art, theatre and Self-Expression through the Arts in public and private schools to kindergarten through middle school age students. Her latest passions are offering Creative Life Coaching as a certified coach in a dynamic and fun process and promoting health and well-being through creative processes. She is also taking the time to develop her own artistry. Pamela Dakota exhibits a passion for using art, expressive arts therapy, creative coaching, creativity and spontaneity because of continually witnessing the power of the arts to connect, express, create community, empower and heal. It has in her life. She lives in the Tucson desert with her true companion and their doggie with frequent jaunts to the Texas Hill Country. Her motto is Live What You Love and Think Good Thoughts; They Create YOUR AWESOME LIFE!