An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery & Community

Stirring the ingredients of your imagination, intuition and creativity with cut-out images you choose, then adding scissors and glue to design a card all manifests a reflection of your soul gazing back at you. This is SoulCollage®. SoulCollage® is about creating a deck of cards that fall into four categories: the Committee Suit, the Community Suit, the Companions Suit, the Council Suit accompanied by the Transpersonal Cards each representing parts of you. When stepping into SoulCollage® we become explorers of the Soul, the Shadow, the inborn gifts, the parts that create who we are and those who have impacted our lives. Wise insights are tapped using your SoulCollage® cards individually or in a group where the process is doubly powerful when shared within a community of like-minded souls. Patterns of your particular path emerge to reveal how your unique light shines in the tapestry of a Larger Story in the universe. This collage process needs no special skills and is easily completed by all.

Dakota, what a wonderful environment you provided yesterday!  Truly a loving and creative person made it possible. 


Workshop Participant

You will love making these cards, love finding their meanings, and love sharing them with others.  The deck becomes your visual journal.  When you hold your cards in your hands, it is like holding up a reflection of your many-faceted self.

                Seena Frost, Creator of SoulCollage®                                  

Arts For The Heart offers SoulCollage® creativity-gatherings teaching the method of SoulCollage® as well as ongoing SoulCollage® groups. Sign up on Arts For The Heart’s email list to receive future announcements on SoulCollage® gatherings.

I especially enjoyed meeting you and appreciated the opportunity you offered to do this work for ourselves.  And what fun it is -

and oh how liberating it is - to do it in community with such honesty and openness.



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